TikTok is a place for dancing challenges, lip-syncing challenges, and, most recently, beauty challenges. We’ve seen people do their makeup to songs and get it trending to the point where you’re bound to see at least one video with a scroll through your For You Page. Especially with all the time we’re now spending inside, beauty challenges have been trending more than ever, and TikTok has created a fun way for people still experiment with makeup, even though there’s nowhere to go. These are the coolest TikTok beauty challenges on our For You Page:


This challenge has everyone on TikTok taking part. While we might not be able to hang out with our friends and get ready to go out together, this challenge has friends doing that virtually. The concept of the trend is that everyone does their best “transformation”- one second you’re wearing no makeup, hair not done, and in comfy clothes, then you put a makeup brush to the camera to cover the screen, and when you pull it back, you look like you’re ready for a night out. You then “pass” the brush over to the next person and keep it going!

“Where’s my Juul” 

Calling all makeup gurus: this challenge is for you!! This makeup trend is SO entertaining to watch and can get pretty scary. Someone does their makeup to look like their own take of a clown face, while lip-syncing the words to “Where’s my Juul,” and then at the very end, they pull away, and come back with a total clown face makeup and LED lights flashing. Trust me. It’s scarier than it sounds.

Snow & Heat Miser song

This was a trending makeup challenge a little while back, but I’ll still watch the entire video whenever one pops up on my FYP. Plus, the song is super catchy. Basically, you do the side of your face makeup to match “Mr. White Christmas,” so all white and blue makeup, and the other side of your face to match “I’m Mr. Green Christmas,” which is all red and orange tones. Watch a video, and you’ll get the gist!

Random number makeup challenge

We’ve seen makeup influencers and regular TikTokers take part in this challenge! You use a random number generator, and whatever it lands on, you count to that on an eyeshadow palette and base your whole look off of that. There are a bunch of ways people do this trend, but the concept is entertaining!