Nothing says, “I’m getting old” than seeing all three Jonas Brothers get married. So imagine what it’s like seeing all three Jonas Brothers go day drinking?

The Jonas Brothers are known for their catchy beats, sweet lyrics, and iconic songs. But how much can their brand change when alcohol is involved?

In a test to see just how much the beloved Jo Bros have grown up, they went day drinking with Seth Meyers on a hilarious episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers. Accompanied by Seth’s brother, Josh Meyers, and actor Jack McBrayer, the gang went out in Brooklyn, NY, and played various drinking games. Some of the hilarious games included shuffleboard and something called “hair goalz,” which lead to us reminiscing on the good ol’ Jo Bro hair days.

Slowly, we saw everyone get drunk, and we have to admit it was quite entertaining.

The last game consisted of a battle of who could write the best pop song in just 10 minutes: Kevin, Joe, and Nick or Seth, Josh, and Jack. Clear winners, anyway?

And while the lyrics were random, the performances were definitely entertaining. Check out the performance for yourself.