The Jonas Brothers shook the world when they reunited last year with the release of their song “Sucker.” The song came after a 5 year-long hiatus, and it’s the reunion we all needed. Their album, Happiness Begins, came a few months later and had us feeling like we were back in 2010. But thankfully, news has broken that the JoBros are releasing their sixth album to come later this year.

We don’t know any of the details, but various things they have been doing have lead fans to start guessing. In their recent YouTube video, they were seen saying, “Let’s get it. Let’s go,” which had fans thinking that could be a possible name of the album. Also, on The Jonas Brothers official TikTok account, Joe Jonas hummed the tune of their newest single “What a Man Gotta Do” while he typed the numbers “522” into a vending machine. Another hint of what’s to come, maybe?

The release of “What a Man Gotta Do” had us thinking it was just the beginning of new releases to come in 2020. And then their performance of another new song, “Five More Minutes,” at the recent Grammys got us really excited. After the performance, The Jonas Brother’s website released a mysterious picture of a question mark for a 2020 digital album download available for pre-order, which was the final indication we needed to know that an album is coming. And a year with new Jonas Brothers music is bound to be a god one.