Warning: some spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the series yet, so go turn on the show and come back if you don’t want spoilers!

If you’re not watching The Circle on Netflix yet, you’re missing out on a profound commentary on our social media use. You’re also missing out on a lot of very fun moments that give us a glimpse into how social media actually works. The contestants are all vying for the top spot of “influencer” who wins $100,000 at the end of the challenge. Some of them are pretending to be other people, while others are hoping their authenticity wins them the grand prize.

For those of us who are anxiously anticipating every new episode, here are the top moments that made us laugh and scream at the screen so far:

1. Joey and Miranda kissing!
Oh, my, what!? Social media romances do come true! We were absolute gobsmacked when Joey asked Miranda for a kiss! When Miranda gets blocked, she chooses to see Joey as her one contestant before she leaves for good. And their fateful meeting lands him a very passionate kiss at the end! Are they going to see each other outside of the show? What just happened!

2. “Rebecca” aka Seaburn’s date with “Adam” aka Alex
The ultimate double-catfish date! After Adam, played by Alex, sends Rebecca, played by Seaburn, an enormous bear for hugs and love, Rebecca goes full-out with her flirting. Adam is a little suspicious that Rebecca might be catfishing, but Adam is also catfishing. So, in the end, everything cancels out and we’re all just left gripping our pillow and laughing like madmen.

3. “Rebecca” getting cramps “on the left side”
So, Rebecca aka Seaburn (a total guy), gets roped into a girl chat about menstrual cramps. Her comments about cramps being particularly bad on the “left side” leaves all the girls thoroughly confused as s/he grasps with the realities of monthly womanly pains. Oh boy.

4. Purple guy emoji
Need we say more? Miranda tries VERY hard to get Joey to use the eggplant emoji, especially after he opens up with a chili pepper. He has NO CLUE what she’s talking about, leading her to have a one sided sexy chat while he just throws out random peppers and “nice strong purple guy” emojis. 🍆 Purple guy strong, Joey.