Love doesn’t care about our differences, whether it be our looks, lifestyles, or age. Sometimes couples find each other despite their age differences, and this applies to the celebrities as well. These celebrity couples are together despite the big age gap.

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, Ana de Armas, is a young Spanish-Cuban actress that appeared in movies Knives Out, Blade Runner 2049, and War Dogs. They look happy together, despite the 16 years age difference.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone
This famous couple is very private about their relationship. However, Camila spoke out on her relationship and the 23 years age difference, saying that everyone should date who they want to date.

Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner
Following the public split with Caitlyn Jenner, Kris Jenner started dating Corey Gamble, 25 years younger than her. Although the age gap has caused some controversy, the couple is still together and in love.

Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie
Famous American actor shocked everyone when he started a relationship with Laura, 39 years younger than him. Dennis claims that the huge age gap doesn’t matter to them. The couple even got married in June.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor
American Horror Story actress found happiness in a relationship with 30 years older actress Holland Taylor. The couple has been together for 5 years now. Sarah said she hopes that their relationship will help eliminate some stigma about significant age differences in couples.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin
Despite the difference of 26 years, Alec and Hilaria got into a serious relationship pretty soon after meeting each other. They are now happily married and have four children with the fifth on the way.

Stephen Fry and Elliott Spencer
Stephen Fry has a memorable voice. However, not many people know that he is married to Spencer, who is 30 years younger than him. Elliott likes to share snippets of his personal life with Stephen on social media. And they seem still very much in love.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart
Although the age difference between Harrison and Calista is 22 years, she claims that it doesn’t affect their relationship. She is smitten with Harrison and says that she forgets he is older than her.