Rihanna is one of the most versatile women out there, no question about it. The girl is a pop star, a major badass, an in-demand designer and a beauty guru. She is a master entrepreneur who has it all and juggles it like it’s nobody’s business. Not to mention that her style is impeccable!

But let’s take a moment to appreciate Rihanna’s hair game. This girl’s hairstylist has some major fun and Rihanna’s game. She goes from long to short hair and everything in between. Sure, you might think of her amazing curls as her signature, but she managed to keep it so versatile that we can imagine her in anything.

In fact, if Rihanna showed up bald one of these days, chances are you’ll still think of her as normal Rihanna. Yup, that’s how slick she is with her hair. She treats it like the season’s latest, hottest accessory and it works for her!