If you haven’t binged on Love Island on Hulu yet, you’re missing out on a lot of accents that will require permanent subtitles and weird lingo you’ll be Googling every five minutes. I started with one episode to see what the buzz was about. 50 hours later, I’m still here watching the show. Clearly, I’m not the only one heavily invested in these contestants.

The SNL staff took a stab at all the banter, grafting, mugging off, and pieing with their Love Island sketch and the three minutes basically sum up the entirety of the show. I’m really not sure how the show became as popular as it did, but clearly they’re doing something right. And though the personalities seem a little out there in the sketch, there are many contestants that absolutely stole our hearts. We’re looking at you, Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt. I also want to give proper due credit to Love Island contestant Daniel Lukakis for being a proper gent all through the season. Yes, I’m fairly far into the show. Join me.

Watch the SNL sketch:

Wondering what they’re all saying?

Pied: Getting dumped
Melt: An idiot
Mugged off: To get disrespected/played
Grafting: Working hard to get attention of someone you like
Crack on: Start to develop a relationship
Banter: Joking around in a sarcastic way (playfully poking fun at someone you like)