No doubt, we all crave to have Kylie’s closet, especially with all those Birkins on display. Heck, we’ll settle for Stormi’s closet at this rate just for the purses. Unfortunately, we can’t always have what we want, and it’s easier to start with basic looks that don’t cost as much as a house.

Despite Kylie’s fancy bling and expensive cars, she tends to wear some affordable and easy-to-style pieces that are comfortable while showing off some, ahem, assets. Her famous bikini selfies aside, start with figure-flattering dresses and comfy sweats.

1. Grab a printed form fitting dress
Kylie is known to shop more affordable brands for her skin-tight looks. She opts for fun colors and prints that show off her body with form fitting style. She wore this exact dress in a recent Instagram post, and at $91 it can easily find its way into your closet.

2. High quality (preferably faux) leather pants
She’s all about wearing some shiny bottoms, often in a sleek vinyl look or in bright red. While she wore skin-tight vinyl looks in the past, she’s since grown into looser leather pant styles like her older sister Kimmie. You can grab the same style she’s wearing in her IG photo from MSGM.

3. A long-sleeved bodysuit
The girl loves herself some skin-tight bodysuits that she then pairs with a dark jean, sweats or some leather pants. It’s versatile enough to have in your wardrobe permanently for a seamless top.

4. A bodysuit
How often will you wear it? In all likelihood, rarely if you’re a normal human being. But, if your goal is to truly emulate Kylie’s style, she’s often seen romping around Instagram and Snapchat in a bodysuit.

5. Casual sweatpants
Kylie loves to keep it cash half the time she peeks out, and these sweatpants are only one of her on-rotation items she lounges around the home in.