Quick, name a material girl who influenced the last few decades of fashion and music. Yeah, it’s Madonna. Madonna made an unforgettable name for herself, and not just because of her one-word moniker. The star is one of pop’s hottest trendsetters, and with her streak of creativity, she surprised the world yet again with her Too Faced Makeup collaboration. Obviously, makeup lovers and Madonna fans are freaking out. If you haven’t managed to snag a kit on toofaced.com, here’s what you need to know about the hot collab and how to get it.

First off, let’s discuss what products Too Faced is releasing in this collaboration. Unlike most partnerships, you’re only able to buy the makeup in two different types of kits. Both of the packages are mindfully designed so you can nail Madonna’s stage looks she’s rocking on her latest “Madame X” tour. Take our money please, Madonna, and spill the secrets of staying ageless while you’re at it!

The kits went on sale September 14th on TooFaced.com in minimal quantities. Unsurprisingly, both kits are entirely sold out. The first kit, named “Medellin Set,” consists of 4 glittery red and smooth peach eyeshadows, the brand’s popular Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear lipstick in a bold red shade, the famous Better Than Sex liquid eyeliner and the Damn Girl! Mascara. Everything you need for a power look in one kit.

The second kit, “I Rise,” has the same types of products but it comes in softer, beautiful tones of rose gold and pink, for a lighter look that’s still eye-catching.

So how can you get your hands on a kit and rock the iconic Madonna looks? Despite being sold out on the Too Faced website, Madonna’s official merch store still has the kits in stock! Also, you can grab them if you’re going to see her in concert since they’ll be sold on the road along her tour stops. So much cuter than just a tour t-shirt.