You’ve probably seen her while scrolling through your FYP or in photos with the Hype House- Daisy Keech is one of today’s biggest social media influencers. But who is Daisy Keech, the TikTok famous, Butt influencer?

Yes, you heard that right. Daisy Keech is a butt influencer, and for a good reason! And while we may know her for her perky butt, she’s rose to stardom through her TikToks, too.

Daisy is 20 years old and lives in Los Angeles. You might know her as part of the Hype House, but that title has since changed. Daisy and Lil Huddy co-founded the Hype House, an L.A. mansion where tons of creators meet to collaborate, but Daisy has since left the group. She recently came out with a YouTube video discussing her issues with the Hype House and how she felt she was not appropriately treated or acknowledged as a co-founder. Her YouTube video already has over 3 million views and shares the inside scoop on the situation. She has since made plans to establish her own house called Clubhouse.

Aside from the Hype House drama, Daisy has a successful booty workout program called Keech Peach. How fitting. Her butt even has its own Instagram account, based on the same name. In the past, fans speculated that Daisy’s butt was fake, but she proved them wrong by having a doctor certify that her booty is 100% real. So if you’re looking to grow your booty, I say you give Keech Peach a chance.

It doesn’t look like Daisy Keech’s stardom is going anywhere, anytime soon. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Daisy (and her peach) in the future.