If you’re having trouble making it to the gym, you may want to consider substituting those missed sessions with “alone” time with your partner. Sex is a great way to get your blood pumping while also working certain muscle groups. Of course this depends on how long your partner can go. Check out these positions that could possibly double as a workout.

Even though this may seem like the laziest position ever, you can make more out of this. Use it as a core muscle workout. As your partner thrusts towards you, have an equal and opposite thrust back. You can also do some buttock squeezes every time you lift.

If you’d like to extend your flexibility, you can do so by lifting your legs towards the back of your ears. Your partner will surely be excited.

Want to work your core muscles?  As you’re bent over, make a conscious effort to pull your navel to your back. You’ll also be working your quadriceps and your glutes as you brace for impact. If you want to put your hands on a wall, this will help you get an upper body and shoulder workout.

Let’s get your blood pumping! You can either place feet flat on the bed or fold your legs behind you. This will help you flex your lower abs and pelvic muscles.

This position will require upper leg strength. You can alternate legs to focus on strengthening one leg at a time. If you wrap both legs around your partner, you’ll need arm strength to hold yourself up.

This position will work out the entire body. You will have to work on strengthening the arms, core and legs. It’s also a great stretch for the body.

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