Cellulite is common among women, but it is also completely normal and is nothing to be ashamed of! However, you may feel like you want to improve the appearance of it. Although there is no way to eliminate it altogether, there are some steps you can take to help.

Diet and Exercise 
It’s the most obvious answer and the most effective way to help improve your cellulite’s appearance. Diet and exercise are the main ways to make any physical changes to your body in a healthy way. Aim for a clean diet and incorporate workouts and movements that tone and strengthen your muscles, particularly your legs and stomach, as this is where cellulite tends to be more prominent.

Give Up Smoking 
Smoking can actually worsen the appearance of cellulite as it affects the blood supply to your skin, making it thinner and more ‘saggy.’ This can then make your cellulite more visible. There are many different ways you can quit smoking, and there are also many other health benefits you will gain if you give up cigarettes. If you feel like you need help or support – get in touch with your doctor.

Massage The Area 
Massaging areas affected by cellulite can improve your blood flow and eliminate any excess fluid, making your dimples much less noticeable. You can also get specific creams, lotions, or oils that are said to target cellulite. Most of these employ caffeine as one of the ingredients. Try spending a few minutes every day firmly massaging your cellulite areas is most visible and should improve over time.

Try Self Tanning
Although self-tan won’t cure cellulite, it can help to disguise it. If you have particularly fair skin, applying a self-tanning product can make cellulite less noticeable as dimples don’t stand out as much on darker skin tones. Begin by exfoliating and then using your chosen product with a mitt.