Anyone currently working from home at the moment knows how difficult it can be to keep active. Spending hours tied to your desk affects not only your physical health but also your mental well-being, making it very important that you take regular breaks and stretch to help keep your muscles and joints in good shape. Here are five simple yet effective desk exercises to help keep you fit in your home office.

Why Should You Stretch At Your Desk?
Desk stretches and exercises have many benefits include the following.

    • Helps to reduce stress
    • Enhances focus and sharpens your memory
    • Helps you to learn faster
    • Prevents health problems
    • Improves your concentration

Wrist Stretches
Your wrists get put under a lot of pressure with any office job that involves typing or using a computer. Try stretching your wrists every so often to release tension by extending your arm with your palm facing the ceiling. Using your opposite hand, carefully push your fingers back towards the floor. Hold this stretched position for approximately 30 seconds. Repeat on your other wrist.

Seated Hamstring Stretch
Stretching your legs when at your desk is important to maintain blood flow and circulation. While in your seat, stretch your legs out in front of you and place both heels on the floor. Keep your toes pointing upwards and slowly reach your arms towards them. Hold this position for a few seconds to stretch your hamstrings.

Shoulder Stretch
Remain seated and clasp both of your hands together, stretching your arms above your head. Keep your palms facing the ceiling and push your arms up to stretch. Stay in this stretch for 2-3 seconds while exhaling deeply and slowly.

Seated Leg Raises
Again, staying at your desk lift both of your feet off the floor and ensure you’re sitting up straight. Lift your leg until it is straight and at a 90-degree angle, and immediately return your foot to the floor. Repeat this for a few reps and then swap to your other leg.

Air Punches
If you want to build up your cardiovascular strength and also work on your upper body, then quickly do some air punches from your desk. You can always mix up your movements as well. There are plenty of online boxing tutorials or videos you can check out for inspiration. This movement is excellent for improving your fitness without you having to move.