With gyms and fitness studios closed across the country due to social distancing regulations, we’ve gotten used to the art of at-home workouts. And honestly, you can have just as good of a workout from the comfort of your home than you can at a gym. And one of the best and easiest at-home exercises is yoga. All you really need for yoga is a mat, but if you’re trying to get more experienced, you might need a few more things. So until we’re actually allowed back in the yoga studio, these are all the things you need to elevate your at-home yoga practice:

Non-Slip Yoga Mat
A non-slip yoga mat is ideal because it has an excellent grip so you can comfortably practice every position without worrying you’re going to slip off the mat. It’s lightweight, thick, and comfortable, making it perfect for longterm use.

Yoga block
Yoga blocks are great for yoga for many reasons. They support the back, head, and hips to help the body get into certain positions. It helps bring the floor closer to you and can act as an extension of your arms. Typically, they are made from foam, bamboo, wood, or cork.

Yoga strap
A yoga strap can help your practice in various ways. It improves flexibility and posture and provides support. A yoga strap can help you achieve positions you couldn’t otherwise. Stretching is more comfortable and more enjoyable when you use a strap, and it can be used on your feet, arms, shoulders, and chest.

Meditation pillow
Meditation is an integral part of yoga. Using a meditation pillow provides support for positions like backbends, child’s pose, and pigeon.

Yoga wheel
The more you practice, the more advanced positions you’ll be able to do. And a yoga wheel is excellent for more challenging postures. Using a yoga wheel will stretch out your entire body and massage your spine. It can even help you get deeper into positions, like a backbend.

You don’t even have to get a specific one for yoga, any folded blanket will do the trick. Blankets are great for yoga practice as they give you a slight elevation. It supports your knees and makes kneeling positions more comfortable. Using a blanket might even help you hold positions for longer, as it lessens some of the stress put on your body.