Want a great workout partner? Look no further than to your four-legged fur baby. Sure, one of the most precious times to bond with your dog is during a walk. But you can turn things up a lot more by adding a really good workout in. Dogs are great motivators, plus highly trainable. You may have to work with them for a bit to get them used to what you’re trying to do, but soon he or she will get it.

Here are some workout ideas to do on your next walk:

Warm up Jog: One of the easiest exercises is a warm up jog. This works best after they’ve used the “restroom”. You may also want to use a leash at first to help control speed and route. After a while, your dog will know the route and speed.

Squat and Throw: Get your dog’s favorite toy and get ready for some squats. Start out by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, hold the dog’s toy in your hands, hinge the hips into a squat, rise up and throw the toy back over your head. Your dog’s job is to go and get the toy and return it to you. Do this at least 10 times.

Way Run: First, put something on the ground as a starting line. Break a treat into four pieces and let your dog smell it in your hands. From the starting line, run backwards about 40 yards, then forward. Then do lateral shuffles 40 yards (the same distance). That would be considered one round. Give your dog a treat after each round.

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