When you’re getting back into a workout routine, one of the first things you notice afterwards are the aches, the pains and the soreness. Usually, by day two or three after your workout is when you start to notice the discomfort known as DOMS. DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness.

Depending on how sore your body feels, you may be wondering whether you should continue working out the next day, or just skip it.

Whether you should skip your next workout or not will depend on just how sore your muscles are. If they are so sore that you can’t stand to touch them, then you should wait a day or two before reconvening.

Otherwise, continue with your workout routine so you don’t lose out on the great momentum that you started to build. Here are some tips to try instead:

  • Eat Protein. Consuming protein will help to shorten the time it takes for your muscles to heal. Eating it right after your exercise is ideal. How does this work? Since your muscles are made out of protein, consuming protein will help to speed up any recovery time your muscles may need.
  • Focus On A Different Area. If your abs are insanely sore after 150 sit-ups, spend the next day doing something different such as running or focusing on your legs.
  • Alternate Workouts. You don’t have to stick to one school of thought when working out. Try alternating by doing yoga one day, and swimming or stretching the next.

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