Do you have a die-hard yogi (or wanna be) in your life? Then consider giving a fun gift that will provide the perfect support during yoga with SmartMat. Unlike traditional yoga mats that are only designed to prevent hands and feet from slipping, the SmartMat actually dubs as a yoga instructor.

Built on the belief that there is no one size that fits all when it comes to yoga, this mat caters specifically to the person’s body – officially making it a mat like none other. It is equipped with new technology that syncs with an app that monitors how well you are executing each yoga pose.

Upon the first time, you will be taken through a series of exercises and movements that are aimed at calibrating your body shape, size and limitations. Plus, it will continue calibrating as you improve and evolve.

Through real time verbal feedback, it will tell you nearly everything you need to know including when your body is out of alignment and fhow to correct your poses. You are then given the ability to track, monitor, and store your progress making this the next best option to having an actual yoga instructor in your home.

Now, there is one small catch with this gift. It has not yet been released, meaning they are only taking pre-orders at the moment. The expected release date is early 2016 and since it’s getting really good buzz that special yogi in your life will be thrilled to be among the first to experience it.

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