If you’re looking to build strong arms, who else better to listen to than Halle Berry’s trainer? His name is Peter Thomas and he recently sat down for an interview with POPSUGAR to share secrets to Halle’s amazing upper body. Starting with her favorite exercise – pushups –  which Thomas shared Berry has no shortage of in her routine. In fact, she’s really good at all of them (even the hard ones). From wide push-ups and narrow grip push-ups, to push-ups on a small medicine ball, take a look at the routines below for tips on how to build strong, sexy arms in no time.

1 – One Arm Med-Ball Push-Up: After you’ve mastered the basic push, you can have a little fun by incorporating this push up into your routine. You start by getting into a plank position with your left hand on the medicine ball. The whole time keep your torso square to the floor. Then you slowly perform a push up by bending and straightening both arms. Once you do the other side, you’ve completed one full rep.

2 – Chaturanga Push-Up: You do this push up by starting in the plank position with your arms and legs straight shoulders above the wrists. While your arms are parallel, bend your elbows by lowering your chest until your shoulders are in line with your elbows. Once complete, you’ve done one full rep.

3. Push-Up Rotation With Dumbbell: You begin this pushup by balancing in the plank position, shoulders stacked over the wrists and with a dumbbell on the floor in each hand. Afterwards, you let your body go down to the floor and then push through your arms returning back to plank position. Next, you hold the dumbbell, twist right, reaching your right arm to the ceiling without letting your pelvis go any higher or lower. Return to the plank position when done.

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