Temperatures are heating up, which means we’re taking our workouts outdoors. And especially since many gyms across the country are closed due to COVID-19, it looks like the outside is our gym for now. You can definitely have a great and effective workout without a gym, but working out during the summer means you have to be extra careful. High temps lead to more exhaustion and sweating, and you don’t want to end your workout by passing out. Here is how you can safely exercise outside this summer, and still feel like you went to the gym:

Drink lots of water
Drinking water and staying hydrated when you’re working out is important, especially when you’re working outside. Drink lots of water before, during, and after your workout to ensure you’re replacing all the weight you’re losing from sweating with water.

Workout in the shade
Working out directly under the sun is just a disaster waiting to happen. Set up shop under a lovely shady tree to prevent accidentally passing from too much heat.

Don’t forget the sunscreen
Just because you’re working out and not going to the beach doesn’t mean you can forget about sunscreen. Apply sunscreen before working out to prevent skin damage and sunburn. Working out with sunburn isn’t any fun!

Wear the right clothes
Before heading out to work out in 90-degree weather, take a second to look at what you’re wearing. High temperatures and long sleeves definitely don’t mix. To avoid overheating, opt for lightweight shorts and a loose fighting tank top instead.

Don’t push yourself too hard
Although you can still get a great workout outside, it’s important not to push yourself too hard. You might be tempted to keep the same pace as you do inside, but working out outdoors means you have to be more gentle to your body. Take breaks, drink water, and stop if you feel yourself getting lightheaded.

Don’t workout in the afternoon
The best times to work out in the summer are either early in the morning or in the late afternoon. The sun is at its hottest point in the midday afternoon, so avoid that timeframe, if you can.