For years there’s been a dark stigma on society that says if you’re packing on more pounds than most that you’re automatically unhealthy. There’s also this running myth that if you’re thin that you’re automatically in great shape. This plays in to the classic fitness debate on whether or not it’s possible to be “fat but fit”. Tons of research has gone into this and studies are proving that the chubby person working out on the treadmill can indeed be in better fitness condition than the slim guy who doesn’t do anything to workup a sweat.

This is in no way saying that being overweight is the healthier option. Several years of scientific investigation shows that extra body fat is not ideal as it can attribute to all sorts of health problems including heart disease, and diabetes.  This is simply saying that exercise carries many health benefits regardless if you’re thin or thick.

Not everyone overweight gets a pass. This “fat but fit” stigma, according to studies, applies to a small percentage of U.S. adults.  There are some adults out there who are doing the right things to stay active, but for whatever reason carry around a little more weight. As long as they stay active and exercise, they should have very little to worry about.

Moral of the story…normal exercise and eating well is better for everyone regardless of where you fall on the weight spectrum.

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