If you want to increase the size of your glutes, try hip thrusts. This exercise is gaining traction across the country because of how great it works at raising the butt. Not only is it good for giving your rear a nice plump, but it’s also good for:

  1. Improving your glute strength
  2. Increasing the size
  3. Making it higher and rounder and firmer

It’s also good for helping to reduce injury as studies show that a strong rear end can take the stress off the lower back.

Keep in mind when doing hip thrusts, be sure to have something weighted or heavy to lay across your waist. If not, then you won’t have quite the effect you’re looking for.

So first, rest your upper back on something elevated like a bench, or if you’re at home – a couch. Then you drape the weight across your waist (barbell, or chain, or whatever you can find that’s heavy and can lay across your waist).

Next, you take a big deep breath in and blow your air out fully and brace your core.

Then, come up and squeeze your glutes for a few seconds, then slowly move your hips back to the floor.

Use different variations of weights to achieve your desired result. You can do 5 sets of 10 about 3 days a week for maximum results.

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