There are two types of people in this world, Mark Twain once said, people who have pulled their groin muscle, and those who have just read about it. If you’re the former, here are several ways you can recover quickly. But first, let’s look at what a groin muscle is.

What is the Groin Muscle?
How do you pull your groin muscle? Most of the time this happens through exercise or playing sports. The hips are responsible for a sideways push motion, so changing directions quickly might lead to a groin muscle injury. The groin muscle has a name, too. It’s called the thigh adductor and there are several different muscles in this group. Basically, they help you pull your legs inward and they also stabilize the hips.

How to Recover
So, you’re limping around your house and you need help. What can you do?
Here are a few simple methods to try. And don’t worry, for the vast majority of people who pull their groin muscle, recovery is fairly quick. You will be back in that Zumba class in no time.

Hot Bath
This is probably the most fun recovery step on the list; just fill a bath with hot water, add your favorite bath bomb, and relax. The heat from a bath will help loosen the sore or stressed groin muscle, as well as the surrounding muscles. You can try adding Epsom salt to the bathwater, too; it’s a longtime go-to for sore muscles, but some of the science behind how it works lacks evidence. But hey, Epsom salt is cheap and safe, so it won’t hurt to try.

One of the easiest ways to recover from any muscle tear is to simply let it rest. Easier said than done, though; it’s far easier to rest an arm muscle than a leg muscle. Try to spend a little more time off your feet for a couple of days. Just think of it as a forced vacation and plan some stationary home activities.

Ice Therapy
If you’re ready to get serious with some DIY cryotherapy, a simple ice compress can help with strains and pulls. Just fill a washcloth or even a plastic bag with ice and let it rest against your inner thigh. You can also try hot/cold therapy; try alternating a hot towel with the ice pack.

It can help to stretch, but be a bit more careful when stretching sore or strained muscles. Many yoga routines have poses that stretch the groin muscle; a simple and gentle stretch anyone can do is the butterfly pose. Just sit with your feet facing each other. Let your knees sink towards the ground softly. This helps open the hips and stretch the groin muscle and can speed your recovery.