Taking any type of break from your typical fitness routine can be challenging, particularly if it has been a long break. You may feel like you’ve lost your motivation and are worried your fitness levels have suffered. Here are some top tips on how to realistically and successfully come back to working out.

Remember How It Made You Feel
One of the hardest steps after a fitness break is the initial ‘getting back into it’ phase. When we lose confidence or haven’t done something for a while, it’s easy to let our mind talk us out of it. Try not to let this happen, and do not doubt yourself. Remind yourself of a time when you were happy with your fitness and when you enjoyed working out. Write down how you felt after a vigorous workout, and remind yourself that you can and will feel this way again. You simply need to make that first move!

Remember Why You Did It
Exercise impacts our physical health, but it can also have a massive effect on our mental well-being. Think about all of the reasons why you loved to workout. Did it give you a sense of achievement? Did it provide some routine in your life? Did it help to eliminate your anxiety or allow you to reach a particular fitness goal? Remind yourself of all of these reasons and reassure yourself that despite having a break, there are more reasons to support you starting to exercise again, than there are to not.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race!
Be realistic and remember that you have had time out, and your body is likely to take some time to reach the same fitness levels you were previously at. However, look at that as a challenge, and it will motivate you to start.

When you do start, try not to overdo it as the last thing you want is to overwhelm your body or end up injuring yourself because you’ve been too intense. Try with some short, simple workouts and increase your daily steps. Then gradually introduce more workouts or sports, depending on what you enjoy the most. You will soon be able to incorporate exercise back into your life again, and you are sure to feel amazing once you do!