You’re doing everything you can take great care of your body. You’re working out, eating a pretty clean diet and drinking plenty of water. Yet, you may feel like you’re still not in great shape. Maybe it’s because you’re not losing weight as fast as you’d like. Whatever the reason is, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’d be surprised that you may be in better shape than you thought. There are a lot of ways to gauge your fitness level. Tale a look at the following to judge whether or not you’re in better shape than you think:

You can keep up with a walk or jog: If you’re able to keep up with a walk or jog with someone else who’s working out, you’re in better shape than you thought. Signs that you’re out of shape is that you’re breathing heavily.

Your recovery time is swift: If after a workout, your heart rate is back in the healthy zone quickly, you’re in better shape than you think. If it takes a while for your heart rate to get back to normal that’s a sign you may be out of shape.

Normal parenting activities don’t tire you out: If you are okay with crawling around on the ground, pushing a stroller and carrying your baby on your hip, you’re in pretty good shape.

You’re okay with climbing stairs: If you prefer to walk the stairs and it doesn’t tire you out, you’re definitely in good physical shape.

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