If you want to mold your body into an hourglass shape, there are workouts you can start doing that will help you achieve that look. Hourglass shapes are seen as sexy, sensual and desirable and are characterized by wide hips and slim wastes. The workouts you do should focus on slimming the waste and plumping the hips and buttocks.

The workout and eating regimen outlined below aren’t guaranteed to give you Nikki Minaj or Kim K. curves, but they will give you the best version of an hourglass shape for your body type.



On the quest for your hourglass figure, you will need to take in an additional amount of calories each day. The calories you intake should be clean such as veggies, lean meats, fruits,  and whole grains.


The hips are not the easiest muscle in your body to enhance, but exercise is the biggest thing that will mold your hourglass shape starting with squats.

Squats: Free squats are the best way to work out your hips and broaden the muscles. Do 10 to 12 repetitions. Try adding the isometric ball squeeze for optimal results.

Donkey kick: The donkey kick works really well for a plumper butt and wider hips. To do the donkey kick, get on all fours with your knees together. Keep the legs in the same position by lifting it back until your thighs are parallel to the ground while your butt is squeezed. Repeat this 12 to 20 times on each leg.

Lunges: In order to do a successful lunge, keep your back straight and shoulders back. Step forward and bend your leg at a 90 degree angle. Next, push back up and squeeze your glutes.

Stair climbing: Simple stair climbing with a back pack on your back will help plump the butt. Be sure your entire foot hits each stair. If stairs aren’t an option, use a stool or chair to step on.

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