Numerous things will affect the way you progress through your fitness journey. Even though staying consistent is the key to a good workout routine, you may make some mistakes that are slowing down your progress.

Lying About What You Are Eating
Nutrition is a crucial part of your fitness journey. Therefore, lying about what you are eating isn’t going to help you in any way. You should especially avoid lying to yourself about your dietary habits. If you are tracking your eating habits, you want to ensure you are staying honest and monitoring everything. Otherwise, your expectations won’t be justified.

You Aren’t Warming Up Properly
Warmups don’t only prevent potential injuries; they also allow you to exercise muscles properly and achieve the full range of motion. If you take time to warm up before exercise, you will target your muscles easier.

Recovery Is Important
You should take time to stretch or foam-roll after you finish training. This will help the muscles to cool down and prevent injuries. You can also get regular massages to prevent the soreness of your muscles.

You Don’t Have a Plan
Planning your exercises ahead is vital as it will help you stay on track. Having a plan set up is also a great way to set goals for yourself. Additionally, when you plan in advance, you can make sure you are evenly exercising all parts of your body, which can be harder to achieve if you are working out without a set-out plan.

You Don’t Take Days to Rest
If you have just started out with your fitness journey, you may be too excited to progress further, so you decide to skip the rest days. However, this only slows down your progress. You will quickly burn out, and this will cause more harm than good. Muscles need time to recover from the workout, which is why rest days are so important.

Rewarding Yourself with Food for Working Out
Your motivation when working out shouldn’t be food. Instead of finding motivation in food, try to find something you enjoy about working out. It can take some time to accept and start loving exercise as it is, but you should stay consistent and trust the process.