Getting a full night’s sleep may not be enough to keep you going at full speed during a hectic day. Squeezing in a daytime nap may be impossible when you feel a mid-morning or afternoon slump coming on. However, there are tricks you can do for a fast energy boost that don’t involve catching another 40 winks or standing under a cold shower. Make these a part of your routine, and you’ll relieve stress as well as fatigue.

Sip Some Water

Dehydration may be the culprit lurking behind your symptoms of fatigue. Lack of water can be to blame for dizziness, mental fogginess, impaired short-term memory and fatigue. Cells demand oxygen and nutrients, which are supplied by blood circulating through your body. Blood volume can drop if you don’t give your body enough fluid. The result: your body and heart must work harder, and you suffer unpleasant effects of tiredness. Fight back against low energy by drinking water throughout the day.

Eat an Apple

Mid-afternoon apple snacking stabilizes blood sugar by delivering vitamin C, fiber and complex carbohydrates. If it’s power as a fatigue fighter isn’t enough to put an apple in your desk at work, there’s more! A simple apple turns out to be a great weapon against inflammation, which causes premature aging. Antioxidants found in apples also help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol.

Breathe Deeply

It’s no surprise that yoga teaches the importance of breathing ad exhaling completely. Proper breathing ranks as one of the best energizers. Check out this simple exercise when you need a quick energy boost. Focus attention on your breath, and slowly inhale to a count of 6. Hold your breath for a count of 3 and tense all the muscles in your body. Exhale to a count of 6 and completely release all the breath as you relax your muscles. Hold the breath out to a count of 3. Repeat this slow rhythmic count—inhaling, hold and tense, exhaling and relax, hold the breath out. Eventually you can stop tensing and relaxing the muscles and focus just on the slow rhythmic breathing.

Sit Up Straight

Typically, we sit or stand with our shoulders, neck, and head shifted forward. This posture can bend arteries and restrict the flow of blood to the brain. Shifting your posture immediately gives you more energy by allowing oxygen-laden blood to reach your brain. Sitting up straight also relieves your muscles from doing the work of your bones. Making your muscles work overtime needlessly is a big energy-waster and contributor to fatigue. Proper alignment also can relieve stress as well as tiredness.

Drink Green Tea

Need some caffeine to fight off the afternoon slump? Brew green tea and burn some calories while you boost your energy. Green tea contains the active compound EGCG as well as small amounts of caffeine. Studies show EGCG helps with weight loss. Sipping green tea later in the day won’t keep you awake as much as your usual cup of Joe. Green tea offers considerably less caffeine than coffee per ounce.

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