Getting a surge of confidence at the gym can be as easy as taking a selfie. Gym selfies are exactly that, selfies you take at the gym during your work out.

Although science indicates that people who take a lot of selfies tend to score higher in narcissism, it can actually be a powerful motivator too if you’re trying to find the confidence to keep working out.


Here’s some recent evidence to back the claim up…

Researchers took three specific habits that make people feel happier such as recording things that make you happy, giving to others and smiling. They then asked 41 student to add one of the three to their daily routine.

  • Taking a photo of something that makes them happy.
  • Taking a selfie while smiling
  • Taking a pic of something that would make someone else happy and sending it to them.

They tracked the students’ mood before they started the daily habit. Then they tracked afterwards. The results were as follows..

  • People in the selfie group felt more confident, comfortable and creative.
  • People in the happy photos felt more mindful and appreciative.
  • People in the photo for others felts less stressed and happy.

How can you use this in your workout?

Take photos during your workout, especially a challenging one. This is a great way to use the power of selfies to boost your confidence levels. It can also be a great way to track your weight loss and progress.

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