Depression is diagnosed in millions of individuals worldwide every year. When left untreated, it not only hurts those suffering from it, but also the loved ones close to the depressed individual. While serious clinical depression requires medical intervention, there are steps an individual can take to reduce the symptoms.

Studies have shown that certain physical activities could help reduce their signs. One of these physical activities is skiing. There’s something about the cold weather and moving downhill that stimulates endorphins, which in turn leads to happier emotions.

Doctor prescribed
Exercise is often prescribed for people suffering from depression. This is not only because it helps your brain release feel-good chemicals, but it also gives you a whiff of self-confidence, which can turn your gloomy day upside down. Now, because skiing is a form of exercise or even sport, it fits into this description pretty well. Also, it’s much more exciting to ski than to spend hours at the gym. The study in question observed individuals doing cross-country, but the same concept applies to many different winter sports taking place outside in nature.

Change of environment
Traveling out into nature presents new environments, experiences, and cultures for individuals to open up to, and even though many ski locations are cold, they’re one of the most beautiful places in the world. Skiing is much more than the sport. It’s about the location, the scenery and the people too.

It’s designed to keep you happy
People who display signs of depression are usually down, keep to themselves, and do not know how to voice their opinions. Skiing as a sport is designed to keep you excited and happy. The discovery of new trails, environments, and the attention-focusing activity allows for the brain to process stimuli differently. The intricacies of skiing leave no room for worry.

Physical activities are proven to cure or reduce signs of depression. This holiday, why not go on a skiing trip. It’ll be great for you and your family while keeping any SAD symptoms at bay.