Poor sex drive, working late and unable to put your mind at rest? These are all clear signs that it’s time to take a breather and adopt tenderer loving self-care practices – also known as a chill pill.

Often times, we are our biggest critic, which makes it hard to accept that you deserve, well, you know…a break. But you do! In fact, if you find yourself suffering from any of the following, you’re overdue for a break.
Hard to Meditate: If your mind is so busy that you can’t quiet it down long enough for meditation, then you’re way too overworked. Whatever challenge you’re facing won’t get solved any sooner. Actually, if you took a moment to rest your mind you may find that solutions come to you much faster.
Junk Food Junkie: When you’re overworked, the last thing you think you have time to do is eat properly. You may also find that you’re binging on sugary snacks in order to keep your energy high…and as a pacifier for when we’re stressed.
You’re a Debbie Downer: Have you noticed that people are avoiding you? Maybe you’re too critical, or too aggressive with your humor. The way others react to you is often a sign to whether you need to take a chill pill or not.
The Thrill is Gone: Is sex just another word in your vocabulary? Meaning….do you no longer actually experience it? If you find yourself unhappy with sex, or just not getting any at all, this is strong sign that you’re wrapped a little too tight.
The good news is, you’re not doomed to a sexless, fun less, emotionless life. The signs above are indications of a problem, not a doomed sentence.
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