Rose quartz is perhaps one of the most well-known crystals used for healing. Widely known as the universal stone of love, this crystal is deeply connected to the heart chakra. From positivity and emotional balance, here are five healing benefits of rose quartz and how to use them.

How to Use Rose Quartz
There are many different ways to use rose quartz, and it really is up to the individual on how it best fits in their life. Some like to place this crystal on their heart chakra and use Reiki crystal healing for results. Others may meditate while holding it or position them around their garden. Placing rose quartz in bath water is another method or simply wearing this beautiful pink stone as jewelry. There is no one fits all approach, so why not try a few different ways to see, which gives the best results?

Restore Trust and Harmony in Relationships
The healing powers of this crystal for mind, body, and soul are known worldwide. Whether it is a relationship breakdown or there has been hurt in the past, rose quartz can restore this trust and set natural harmony. Trust and restore.

Balance Emotions
With many of us living 24/7 lives, it can be hard to feel balanced. Our emotions are subjected to a wide variety of feelings each day that can sometimes get a person down. Rose quartz can help bring some calm into a hectic life and restore the balance of emotions. Retune and refocus.

Let Go of Toxic Energy
We all carry the world’s weight on our shoulders, and it is challenging to let it go. Whether it is toxic energy from work colleagues, family, friends, or within, carrying this with you will help release this negative energy and bring about a relaxed feel. Relax and feel protected.

Give the Wisdom to Deepen Connections
It is easy with hindsight to see where things have gone wrong in the past. A benefit of rose quartz can help with wisdom in relationships that will allow deeper connections with loved ones. See things clearly with rose quartz. Learn and grow.

Purify and Opens the Heart
It can be a challenge to feel at peace with life as it passes by, but this is another benefit of this beautiful crystal. From promoting self-love and healing, rose quartz can bring peace from within a person: peace and tranquillity.

This list is no means exhaustive. With many healing benefits of rose quartz, it is impossible to list them all; however, love and positivity are by far the most significant benefits. Add a little Rose quartz in your daily life to create a more balanced, centered life.