If you needed a reason to ditch a crappy career, or unfulfilling relationship just take a look at life itself. It’s a precious gift that will one day end. What you decide to do with it now is so important and completely up to you. Take advantage of it and live more boldly.

So that you don’t get to the end of your road and live in regret of how you spent your time, take a look at these common regrets people had at the end of their lives. This information comes courtesy of a former hospice nurse who wrote, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. You’ll see that most of these regrets are similar.

Live Truly For Yourself: One of the biggest regrets people had was not living a life that they truly wanted to live. Most people didn’t honor what was inside of them and instead did what others expected them to do.

Don’t Work So Hard: A lot of men regretted spending so much of their life working and away from family.

Courage To Express Feelings: People regretted not speaking up and expressing how they truly felt about things. They felt mediocre because they didn’t let their light shine.

Be Happier: Many people regretted not allowing themselves to feel happier. They usually stayed stuck on things that didn’t matter or resented others for way too long.

Stay In Touch With Friends: Another common regret was not staying in touch with friends. Many of them allowed their best friendships to slip away. By the time they were near death, they couldn’t find those people anymore and didn’t know if they were still alive.

It’s up to you how you live your life. Ask yourself starting today, “Am I doing what I really want to do?” If the answer is no, then start pursuing it.

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