Before your next hotel stay, there’s something you should know. Not everything in your hotel room is clean or safe. In fact, your hotel room could be as dirty as any other public place. This is even true for 4 and 5-star hotels. Why? Well, there are many reasons one being because housekeepers have a very short window between check-ins to clean a room. So, there are places that get missed. Here’s a list of things you want to make sure you either don’t touch, or disinfect during your next hotel stay:

Remote control: Remote controls rank high on the list, if not number one, for things not to touch in a hotel room before disinfecting. The hotel maids usually don’t wipe them and end up leaving many germs behind. Research samples have shown that remote controls have E. coli traces suggesting that many people have touched it after using the bathroom without washing their hands.

Pillow cases: You would think that the housekeeping is changing everything after each stay, but they aren’t. Hidden cameras have shown maids placing the pillows on a chair, changing the bottom sheets, fluffing the pillow and placing it nicely back in it’s spot without ever changing the pillow case.

Phone: Just like remote controls, phones are often not disinfected. When you pick up the phone you are placing your face against what many others have placed their face against as well.

Glasses: Hidden cameras have show housekeepers simply rinsing the cups out and placing them back where they were. They did not adequately wash them.

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