Not only can certain habits have impacts on our physical and mental well-being, but breaking old habits can be a daunting task. Breaking certain habits is vital for your growth. It is crucial in rebuilding one’s life, you learn how to move past practices that do not belong to the new life you are trying to build. This said, here are five tips on how you can break old habits and rebuild your life.

Identify the habits you would like to break
The first step to breaking bad habits is understanding that you have them in the first place. Pick a piece of paper and write out everything that is making you feel troubled about yourself, your goals for the future, and how these habits have no place in your plans. This way, you can continuously remind yourself of where you are headed.

Be accountable
It’s super important that you hold yourself accountable where these habits are concerned. To get effective results as you embark on this journey, accountability is vital, to yourself and others.

Create a reward system
This is a system that works absolute wonders with kids. When they do something right, we reward them, and when they do something wrong, we take away some benefits (depending on the gravity of the act). In any case, creating a reward system for yourself helps you applaud yourself when you do something to counteract a bad habit and vice versa. Utilizing this system can not only put to bed unhealthy and bad habits, but your new reward system can also replace old habits.

Put up boundaries
Your resolve is only as firm as you allow it to be. Help yourself to break habits by putting boundaries that strengthen your decision to do better for yourself.

Get support
Sometimes, it becomes a tad tedious to do things on our own. Never reject help from your friends and loved ones, especially where it comes from a place of care.

It’s fantastic to decide to break habits to become a better person, and while you are at it, think about the result, enjoy help from your friends and give yourself time.