The job market is getting more and more competitive. With millions of people vying for the best positions, it means you need to have top rated skills to compete for the best and highest paying jobs. So, which skills are in highest demand? Essentially, the ones that can put a company ahead in the ever growing, ever evolving internet world. Particularly, the skills that are in highest demand are those in the digital marketing domain. Check them out!

Content Marketing: Content marketing is a skill where you know how to educate readers online. There are plenty of ways to do that: blog posts, podcasts, social media updates, surveys, customer testimonials and the list goes on.

Brand Storytelling: This is a great skill that entails you bringing the story of the brand to life. People in this field make anywhere from $50K to $76K a year. These people tell the same stories in creative ways across different platform.

Content Marketing Management: This is the skill of marketing content. Seems easy, but you have to be able to produce the content on various platforms. You must be able to engage customers and keep the company’s message in tact. This salary ranges from $72K to $113K depending on where you live.

Digital Media Planning: The salary for this skill ranges from $49K to $75K a year. You have the ability to plan campaigns from start to finish. This person should be good at analyzing data and driving plans forward.

Website Optimizing: You will need to be innovative, and detail oriented. This person is responsible for making sure load times on websites are fast and efficient.

If you have any of these skills, you’ll soar to the front of the pack.

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