That time of the year when you get to pull up in your scariest costumes is almost here! The season is all about pumpkins, red lips, and a spooky atmosphere. But it won’t be complete unless you have some blood-curdling horror flicks lined up. Are you looking to have a movie night out with family or friends this Halloween? Here are sure fixes that’ll make you wish the holiday never existed.


The follow up to Jordan Peele’s hit, “Get out.” This movie promises to hit it out of the park with its storyline and cast. Get ready for this terrifying thriller which stars Winston Duke, Lupita Nyong’o, and Elizabeth Moss. The storyline follows a family terrorized and stalked by an unknown group of doppelgangers. Don’t bother with popcorn for this one. It’ll be on the floor before you get a chance to finish.


It seems to be a year for two-letter horror movies. Catch a horrific cruise with Octavia Spencer in this movie about a couple of teenage friends. The woman they meet seems to be friendly and down-to-earth, but they soon discover it’s all a facade.

Ready or not

A bride discovers that her in-laws want to murder her to appease a curse that plagues them. Ready for some twisted jumps?

Scary Stories to tell in the dark

Those scary stories you heard growing up finally got made into a movie. The flick is family-friendly, so bring the kids for some creepy fun stories.

It: Chapter Two

Pennywise is back! If you saw the first IT, then you’re ready for round two. This time, the kids are all grown up. The movie picks up 27 years after the horror faced by the kids in the first.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Looking for a pleasant blend of funny and intelligent horror? This flick delivers! This movie, starring Jake Gyllenhal, follows the story of some haunted paintings looking to exact their revenge on those that stand in the way of great art.

With tons of other movies on our radar, like Tigers Are Not Afraid, Midsommar, The Perfection, Boar and Luz, this Halloween delivers! You’ll be set with chilling, dark, and awesome movie collections to look through. Happy Halloween!