Creating the perfect resume is a daunting task. After you’ve found a job that you can imagine yourself working comes the scary part- applying for it. No one wants to face the heartbreak of applying and interviewing for their dream job and not getting it. However, having the perfect resume can help bring those dreams into a reality. A resume template is your best friend during a job search. A future employer will decide your future status in the company based on a few factors. They will check your LinkedIn. They will base it off of an interview. They will base it off of how other employees feel. And they will review your resume. So minimize your fears and cancel any chance of not getting your dream job by following one of these suggested resume template guides:

Google Docs
Google Docs resume template is the easiest route to go to create the perfect resume. There are five template options to choose from, and you can change the color and design to suit your personality.

An easy way to go about creating your resume, but you either need to share the website’s link to a social media platform or purchase a pack to access the site.

Who knew Etsy could help you create a resume? These come at a price- but it’ll be worth it when you land that dream job.

Microsoft Office
One of the best options for a free resume template. Microsoft Office offers a plethora of resume templates so you can choose the perfect one.
The website name says it all. has got you covered for when you, well, need a resume. And it’s free!

Another excellent option for a resume template, especially if graphic designing is your forte and you want to show off some skills to a future employer.

Use one of these resume template guides and check getting the perfect resume off your list.