Many apps promise us many benefits but only end up using up space on our phone, and we never use them. However, some apps can make our lives easier and give us significant value. These apps are worth downloading and using.


Evernote will help you keep your notes in one place and to stay organized and on top of things. It has many useful features and is great for capturing ideas. It can also be synced easily with your other devices.


Calm is a great app to help you manage stress and anxiety. The app will help you to fall asleep faster with their sleep stories. If there is a person whose voice can put anyone to sleep, it is Stephen Fry, and his sleep story called Blue Gold will put you to sleep before you even notice. It’s also great to get you into meditation.

EveryDollar Budgeting App

Having a budgeting app on your phone is a great way to keep track of your finances and see where your money is going, and this app is a perfect choice for that. The simple yet modern design makes the app visually appealing.

Google Maps

This app is an absolute must-have. Not only will it help you to navigate your way with maps of the entire world, but it will also help you to find the best coffee shops and restaurants.


Managing e-mails can be quite stressful, and this app will help you relieve that stress and focus on what’s important. It filters your inbox and finds the most relevant e-mails.

Google Photos

Photos and videos can take up a lot of storage on your phone, and even if you have enough storage, it can get overwhelming when you want to find a particular photo. Google Photos allows you to store an unlimited amount of pictures and videos for free. It will also enable you to easier find what you are looking for.


It’s essential to keep learning even when you are out of school. Coursera gives you access to both free and paid online courses on various subjects. Instead of playing games or scrolling through Instagram, try to use your free time for good.

Grammarly Keyboard

This app will prevent you from making mistakes in your spelling and will prevent you from embarrassing yourself when texting your boss or co-workers.