If you’re searching for ways to make working from home a little more pleasant and productive, we’re prepared to help with one of those — although we’re pretty sure science says good decor makes you more productive (or at least that’s what we’re going with). When furnishing your home office, some aspects are more important than others, and your office chair is at the top of that list. As something you’ll be seeing a lot of and sitting a lot in, an office chair is not the place to skimp.

There are tons of high-end office chairs and elegant modern designs to choose from, so finding the right office chair can be daunting. Lucky for you, we’ve saved you some work so you can peruse this list of the most stylish office chairs and get back to work after ordering your new office chair in no time.

Channel Green Velvet Office Chair

Okay, sure, this chair might be a little extravagant, but who wouldn’t get a boost to their work ethic when they sit down in this super cool Mad Men-style office chair?


That’s right; the name says it all — this Ikea office chair is no basic model, though. With a super cute dusty pink color and an ergonomic design meant to make those hours of (we hope) intensely focused work feel like minutes on your body.

Serta Ashland Task Chair

This chair is so comfortable you might actually look forward to starting your workday — it also helps that it’s a classic design that will make any office look that much more stylish.

Aidan Adjustable Desk Chair

Sometimes a chair is just good-looking, and this is one of those chairs. Just look at it, with its perfect middle ground of bright-but-not-obnoxiously-bright red fabric, its luxurious design, and the studious tweed fabric. This office chair is downright pretty.

Kirbyville Genuine Leather Task Chair

If you’ve ever wanted a fancy leather chair, this is your chance. This chair brings all of that class that a leather office chair has without being so overbearing in design that your home office starts looking like a doctor’s office.

Rue Cambon Office Chair

This classic white and brass office chair will make you feel like each workday is bound to bring important opportunities. This chair exudes major Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada energy.

Helvetica Leather Office Chair

We had to throw in at least two classic leather office chairs for you to choose from, especially when we found this chair. This office chair isn’t stylish — it’s downright sexy. Not only is it made from quality Italian leather, but it will also make your office sexy by association and seriously, who doesn’t want a sexy office?

Ranae Task Chair

If you plan to do a lot of wheeling and dealing in your office and need an office chair that says, “I’m the boss here. And there. And there too.” this is the chair you’re looking for. The chair doubles as a henchman because of how intimidating it will look to anyone on the other side of it.