Being a woman isn’t always easy, but luckily we’re very crafty and creative. These tips will help you with your day to day life.

Use Your Hair Straightener for More Than Just Hair

Women used to straighten their hair with a clothing iron. Because of how small the hair straightener is, it can be used to iron hard to reach parts of clothing. Use your straightener to iron sleeves, collars, or hems.

Make Your Playlist as Long as Your Workout

Staying consistent with your workout can be hard. By making your playlist as long as your workout is supposed to be, you can motivate yourself to finish the workout in time.

Remove Gum from Your Hair

When you have long hair, it is highly possible to end up with chewing gum in it. But instead of resorting to cutting that part of your hair due to the frustration, you can remove it with olive oil or cube of ice. Apply olive oil to the area or use a cube of ice to make the gum harden, then brush it out with a comb.

Make Sure You are Drinking Enough Water

Water is essential for good-looking skin and health in general. Write down every glass of water you drink during the day and make sure it adds up to at least eight glasses at the end of the day.

Shop on a Full Stomach

If you go grocery shopping while hungry, everything will look appealing, and you’ll end up spending more than you planned. Instead, plan exactly what you want to buy and go after a meal.

Use an App to Track Your Period

It’s essential to keep track of your period and fertile days. An app can do this for you. All you have to do is log in when you get your period.

Wear Low Ponytails

Wearing high ponytails too often can damage your hair and cause bald spots. If your hair is tied too tightly, your follicles can be damaged.

Keep Bobby Pins in Place with Hairspray

Bobby pins tend to move around and slip out a lot. To ensure they stay in place the whole day, spray a bobby pin with hairspray before placing it into the hair.

Use Tea for Smelly Shoes

Placing a tea bag in a shoe can contain the bad smell. Tea bags will absorb the odor from the shoe.