Chromotherapy is the use of colorful lights for therapeutic purposes. It’s believed that different colors have different frequencies of vibrations and those, in turn, can help particular ailments. Our body needs light to survive. The theory behind chromotherapy is that light can be broken down into a spectrum and our bodies need a balance of these colors to be well physically and mentally. It goes hand in hand with light therapy which uses light to treat a number of symptoms including sleep problems and mood disorders.

Chromotherapy has not been backed up by experimental research. However, it has been practiced for more than 2,000 years. Practitioners of ayurvedic medicine believe in the body’s chakras or energy centers. There are seven points in your body that contain energy and regulate a particular body part’s function. Each of these chakras is associated with a particular color.

Treatment can come in the form of infrared saunas, lamps, and more. There are even colorful glasses you can wear for 30 minutes at a time to help balance your under or overactive chakras.

Colors Used in Chromotherapy

Red: Red is linked to the root chakra which is at the base of the spine and is known as the ‘The Great Energizer’. This means it is linked with grounding, survival instincts, and the senses. Treatment involving this color will support circulatory functions which can help with pain relief.

Orange: Linked with the sacral chakra, orange is associated with creative, sensual, and emotional energy. This warm color is suggested to help with asthma, epilepsy, and digestion issues.

Yellow: This chakra is located at the navel and is associated with happiness. It may reduce inflammation, rosacea, and other skin conditions.

Green: The heart chakra is associated with love and green may help with depression. The color is linked with the healing of the mind and body.

Blue: Blue is linked with the throat chakra which is tied to communication and knowledge. Blue can help with breathing and heart issues. It is also anti-anxiety and thus helps one relax.

Indigo: The intuition chakra is located at the brow and thus the color may help with headaches.

Violet: Linked with the knowledge chakra at the top of the head, violet can help calm your nervous system.