Wedding season is here! Being able to support your awesome friend as she walks down the aisle is an honor, but are you ready for the cost?

We tend to hear about the bridesmaid’s dresses and the expense going into them. Unfortunately, the costs go well beyond the dress and add up quicker than you can say “I do.”

You’ll quickly find yourself racking up expenses for the bachelorette party, any traveling and hotels, accessories, hair, and makeup, not to mention the emotional cost!

So, what can you expect to spend? On average, according to Credit Karma, millennials tend to pay $1,000 for someone else’s wedding. This cost is to attend as a guest! If you’re in a major city and you’re heading to a destination-wedding, expect your costs to easily double or triple if you’re in the wedding party.

Not ready to max out your credit cards yet? Consider speaking to the wedding planner or bride about trying to stay on budget and ask for help figuring out creative solutions. It might be the case that the bride is willing to offer flexible arrangements or be creative with you to make sure everyone is happy! After all, it’s one of the happiest days in her life, and she’s sure to want to share in that happiness with you.