Habit tracking apps can help you to build new healthy habits or break old ones. Once you have been doing something for a considerable amount of time, your brain will be resistant to change. This is why breaking old habits and creating new ones can be a challenge. Thankfully, habit tracking apps can help you in the process and make it easier. Here are our top choices.

Habitify has a simple and accessible design that makes it an excellent choice for habit tracking. It is also cross-platform, which will allow you to use it on different devices you have.

Beeminder increases the stakes as it allows you to put money on the line to ensure you stick to your habits. The fear of losing money will motivate you to stick to your habits and complete your daily tasks. Beeminder will also give you information on your habits that can be quite important when you start to analyze your thought patterns and behaviors.

If you like playing games, this habit tracker is an excellent choice for you. It takes a creative approach to habit tracking and motivates you to stick to the plan by rewarding your character with points.

Sticking to the planned habits can be easier if you do it with friends. This app introduces the social concept, allowing you to improve your daily rituals with your friends. It also allows you to communicate with your friends and to check on how they are doing.

Aloe Bud
With pixel art and incredible UI design, this app looks really cute. It will help you immensely on your self-improvement journey and will help you to stick to your habits.

This app is intuitive and allows you to track your habits easily. What makes this app stand out is its large community. It also has a coaching feature, that allows you to get personalized coaching sessions that will help you to build any habit effectively.

This app is exclusive to iOS, but it has a professional UI that is fast. This app is great because it gives you the flexibility to set up different types of goals. It also allows you to track an average for the specific habit.