If you’re not lucky enough to have your college expenses paid off, you most likely need a job while still attending classes. Many jobs out there aren’t as college-student friendly as we’d like them to be, requiring strict shifts. Luckily, we can harness the power of the internet to land extra gigs with a flexible work environment. There are a lot of flexible jobs online where college students can earn a decent amount of cash while working from home. Check out a few of our suggestions.


The internet made it possible for people to make hundreds to thousands of dollars every week via freelance websites like UpWork and Fiverr. What do these sites do? Virtually everything. You can be anything from a blog writer to content writer, graphic designer to website builder, and so much more. All you need is a skill which people will pay you to utilize in their projects. The pay is excellent, and it’s convenient for college students.

Social media managing

Lots of businesses and people do not have the time or capacity to manage their social accounts by themselves. This created a high demand in the market. A social media manager acts in the best interest of the company/client on diverse social engagement platforms. You’ll devise means to promote the client’s content, increase page visibility, following and engagement ratings on their page. This job is pretty flexible and requires nothing but an internet connection.


Your love for school shouldn’t end within your curriculum. With online tutoring, the possibilities and lessons are limitless. You can tutor a diverse range of students in all age ranges and in different topics. There are a lot of online tutoring platforms in search of tutors, and you can get paid hourly. The job can be done in the comfort of one’s home via virtual calls. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as high-speed internet connectivity.