If you’re getting serious about your next trip, you’re probably dreading the least fun part of traveling — booking your flight. It can be a hassle to dig through travel website after travel website only to still feel unsure if you found the best price. Luckily, all you need is the right site to search for you and get back to the fun part of planning that trip. Here are the flight searching sites that will be your best friend.

This is the first travel site we check when planning a trip because it’s usually where we find the cheapest flights. Plus, the layout is simple and easy to use. Vayama offers over 100 airlines to choose from and specializes in international travel. They also have all your necessary travel info from what immunizations are required for traveling to the etiquette of different countries.

This travel site has a great feature that lets you search for “experiences.” So if you’ve been dreaming of laying out on the sand lately, just type in “beaches” as your destination and GetGoing will show you all the cheap flights they have to different beaches worldwide. Some of the experiences offered are Romance, Wine, and History And Culture. Named one of TIME Magazine’s 50 Best Sites of 2013, GetGoing is a wonder if you’re more flexible about your trip planning.

Considered “the best travel site on the web. Period.” by Forbes, Hipmunk is another excellent place to search for cheap flights. They also offer a useful feature that lets you check several dates all at once, saving you time and hopefully money. They’ve come up with searching for flights by what they call “agony” to optimize your flight for price, length, and layovers. We’ll happily take a little less agony in our search for flights.

One of the most colorful and unique layouts around for a travel site. Momondo makes choosing the best day for finding cheap flights much easier with their visual calendar tool. Though not always the lowest prices, they pull their flights directly from airfare sites rather than third-party aggregators.

This is the travel site you want to use if you’re feeling spontaneous and want to plan a trip to nowhere in particular. Just enter something like “California to South America in early April for 12 days,” and you’ll get results that will give you a good idea of the price range for certain locations. The cheap flights you can find on this site should come with a travel addiction warning.

Good old’ Kayak. This travel website lets you compare 100s of different travel sites at once, and you can occasionally find some cheap flights. The site offers an explore tool to scan a world map for all the places you can reach within a specified per-ticket price range.

You’ve got the best travel sites in front of you, so start planning that dream vacation!