Thanksgiving is almost here! There are so many things that need to be prepared for this special dinner night. We’re here to serve up some Thanksgiving dinner table centerpiece ideas so you can wow your guests not just with your cooking but also with your decor skills.

Wooden Decorative Balls with Fake Fruit

If you and your family love being surrounded by eco-friendly and organic products, try a few wooden tangled balls and fruit, whether real or fake, in a big bowl. Decorate the rim of the bowl with a string of fall foliage.

White Pumpkin and Leaves with Candles

A modern style setup can be a good option if you want to keep things a bit high end. You can choose a beautiful all-white theme and go for white pumpkin and matching candles as a centerpiece. To add some more attraction, add small-sized pastel color pumpkins and white flowers to surround the centerpiece accordingly.

Orange Maple Leaves with Brown Candles

If you’re looking to add some bright colors to your table, why not add some bright orange maple leaves and pumpkins? Adding some candles with LED lights would make it look even more worthy of admiring while enjoying the dinner.

Large Pumpkin Vases with a buffet

If you want to focus more on the dinner rather than decorations, then this is the best idea to copy. You can keep two pumpkin vases with orange leaves in them, while the rest of the table is covered with all the delicious meals.

Minimalistic Setup with Decorative Show Pieces:

The last one on the list is this minimalistic setup. You can simply add some tiny candle bowls in the midst of little flower vases clustered in the center of the table.

We hope you get creative and have lots of fun decorating your table this year! Happy Thanksgiving!