Painting is a romantic skill. Everyone harbors a little bit of desire for being able to do themselves. While painting is often viewed as something you need unique talent to be good at, the reality is that it’s a skill just like any sport or hobby. While some people are certainly uniquely talented, with the right tutorial, you can start painting and getting enjoyment out of creative expression too.

To get started with picking up painting as a new hobby, you’ll need to get your materials ready. Don’t feel like you need to drop tons of cash at the hobby store — often going too far with the prepping portion of starting a hobby can lead to paralysis from too much choice when it’s time to start.

Instead, pick up the basics. Decide whether you’ll paint with acrylic or oil (acrylic is usually an easier starting place), get some cheap canvas panels so you won’t feel pressured to make a masterpiece on the first try, buy a simple brush set, and get your primary color paints.

Once you’ve got your supplies prepped, it’s time for the perfect tutorial to guide you. These tutorials are simple and super informative, so you’ll be having your own Bob Ross moment in no time:

Acrylic Painting Tutorial
If you’re looking for a painting tutorial that will help you paint a finished piece from start to end, this video is for you. No getting lost in multiple videos — in this single tutorial, you’ll have your own beautiful painting by the end.

Art of Aaron Blaise
What better art teacher can you ask for than a professional Disney animator? Aaron Blaise has worked on classic films like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, so you can bet his art skills are worth studying.

Bill Martin’s Guide to Oil Painting
This guide from professional oil painter Bill Martin has been beloved by all levels of oil painters for years if you’ve chosen to start with oil painting.

New Masters Academy
If you’re looking for a serious and rigorous at-home painting eduction, the New Masters Academy is a great choice. For a low subscription cost, you’ll get access to endless hours of tutorials and resources for taking your painting skills to the next level.

Painting is an enjoyable and healthy skill to pick up, as it trains your mind to focus and your eyes to become more observant. With these tutorials, you’re bound to have your own Bob Ross moment.