Four top business leaders have valuable suggestions on how to write an eye-catching resume when you’re looking for a job or a promotion. These CEOs know the essential skills that indicate you’ll be a leader in today’s evolving workplace, and they’re sharing them on LinkedIn. Take advice from Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global; Bill George, longtime CEO of Medtronic; Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite; and Reid Hoffman. LinkedIn founder. They speak with authority on the qualities that set leaders apart—a sense of purpose, the ability to empower employees, a bias towards learning and use of social media. Cultivate these qualities and highlight them on your CV. Don’t be shy about letting potential employers know you’ve mastered these in-demand skills.

Emphasize Purpose

What does your company stand for beyond profits and growth? Show that you can help your company make money. You also want to make sure your CV reflects how you can contribute to the organization’s overarching purpose. One of the most important skills a future leader can demonstrate is finding and maintaining a sense of the company’s purpose. Demonstrate that your leadership will appeal to millennials and Generation Xers looking for companies that share their values.

Empower Employees

When you’re applying for a management role, emphasize that you can attract and retain millennials and Generation Xers. Today’s young employees are looking for leaders who provide a sense of purpose in their work as well as offer learning opportunities to further their careers. Show that you can empower employees by giving them ownership over their roles.

Commit to Learning

Mention your past academic achievements and highlight what you’ve learned in your career so far. But don’t stop there. Commitment to updating your skills and adding to your knowledge will impress an employer. Evolving technology keeps today’s business world changing constantly. Managers need to make constant learning a priority.

Prove Social Media Skills

Social media is a core competency for business leaders. Use it, and you can tap into today’s most dominant communication platform. Ignore it, and you risk having the competition run all over you. Using Twitter and Instagram be a major plus in the eyes of your employer. Show them you can use social media to establish your company’s sense of purpose and brand values.

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