Do you know a pet lover who is head over heels in love with their little (or not so little) furry companion? They snooze most nights next to them, and at the end of a long day they go home to share the good, the bad and the ugly with them.

Some things they do may even seem a little weird like celebrating their birthday or spending hours preparing gourmet meals for them. Heck, you’ve probably even caught them wearing matching outfits! In any case, you know how important their pet is to them and how devastating it’d be if something were to go wrong.

There’s actually a perfect gift you can give them. No, it’s not a chew toy or accessory. It’s a pet health insurance plan. Yes, it may seem a little (or a lot) different in the gift department. But, think of it as not only a thoughtful gift, but a practical one they can use for routine check-ups or major medical treatments.

Pet Insurance University offers different plans including pet wellness and major medical. The price points vary from $17 bucks per month to $64 bucks per month, so it’d be totally your choice which one to give them. The whole idea is to prepay for a certain amount of months in advance like 3 or 6 months and give it to them as a gift. It’d mean so much to them and it shows how much you care about something that really matters to them – even if you think they’re borderline weird.

This gift is of course ideal for anyone with a pet, but especially ideal for anyone you know with an older pet, younger pet, or special needs pet.