You know that co-worker who could use a little nudging? No, not the one who’s lazy and nearly incompetent. Talking about the other one who just needs a serious boost in confidence. It’s as if no one’s ever told them that they were good enough and could use a subtle reminder telling them how great they really are.

You could put that confidence booster right in the palm of their hands – literally – with the Bandu sweet talk assorted pen set. This pen set includes 3 pens with messages written on the side that will always remind them to stay confident.

The outside of the pen comes in three different colors: hot pink, light pink and light blue. And all of them write in black ink. Each one has a message on the outside that reads something different. Two of them have, “You’re better than unicorns” and “Gosh you look so cute”. Written in beautiful calligraphy, this is a total confidence booster for them without busting your budget.

Even if you didn’t pull their name from the secret santa drawing, it’d be really cool to give it to them anyway. This pen leaves actual side effects including uncontrollable blushing and overall good vibes. Not too shabby for a pen. Snag this set for $14 on and feel proud knowing that you’re playing a part in boosting someone’s ego.


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